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Masters of Sighisoara III
Yurian Stonebow & HeroOfPunk
15. Dez. 16 English
H3 - Shadow of Death Kampagne (K) + U
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26. Dez. 16
No problem. Have a lokk around, there more english maps here than yours :P
Yurian Stonebow
21. Dez. 16
Thank you for the feedback. As with MoS II, there is no need for me to update the Campaign any further as the errors you listed are all tied in to the main story. They are not errors at all but serve a purpose. Some are for decorative reasons, some because of events in the storyline. These will not break the game. It is safe to play the Campaign. The MoS III Campaign file here in Drachenwald is version 1.1 and has already seen one patch as compared to its relese version 1.0 from was available in October 2016 from our website. https://facebook/h3MoS. With best regards, Yurian Stonebow P.S Sorry for using English here in the German forum. I would like to know how to speak German but I lack the skills. Google translator is not much of help if I tried it I think.
19. Dez. 16
Like your other campaign there are unreachable and missing objects.
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