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The Road Less Traveled
Mrs. Mouzik
25. Okt. 10 English
H5 - Tribes of the East Extragross (XL) + U
4/7 2113
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25. Okt. 10
Seize the road of the unknown and let your destiny be revealed...
SAFETY WARNING!!! This map is looong and challenging!!!
Plz download "Twilight World" to get the MOD containing Balrocks
Some practical info to guide you on your journey is crucial:
SOLO vs AI: PL 1 against 3&5. Leave out 2,4,6 & 7. (Or 2 vs 4&5).
For greater challenge: Play as 6 or 7. (6 vs 3 & 5) or (7 vs 4 & 5).
MULTIPLAYER: Same setup (play as 1&2 or 6&7) - for simultanious turns most of the game, only keep PL 5 as AI or none at all.
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